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  1. Chocolate Bunnies ;)
  2. Thought this was cute!
  3. Boo?
  4. Cornwall
  5. Moving to Canada?
  6. Why Canada is just so much better...
  7. A Truly Canadian Apology
  8. A true Canadian
  9. Ah,yes... O Canada, Our home and native land!
  10. Shopping with your wife? some ideas
  11. Dear God
  12. Marriage is a deck of cards
  13. Only Sherlock Holmes could figure this one out!
  14. Enjoy!
  15. Canadian baby
  16. Layton dismisses report of massage clinic visit as a smear campaign
  17. Chris Bosh - No comment necessary just watch
  18. First Look at Breakaway. Russel Peters. Movie releases 30th Sept 2011
  19. Obama impersonator at GOP convention...evidently this guy is Canadian.
  20. Under 17 Canadian GoalKeeper Quillan Roberts SCORES !!!
  21. Bureaucrats surfing for dates, porn at work
  22. Just for Laughs - Crocodile infested Canadian waters
  23. Great seinfeld moment :)
  25. A Resolution to a Problem
  26. "I'm not sucking up to these people..."
  27. Dear DNC.ca, Enjoy your day!
  28. Buy Your Semen Locally, Not On The Internet, Warns Canada
  29. Save Canadian Band Websites
  30. Bears
  31. Kid tells it how it is...
  32. Domain Name Dollar Store
  33. Cop Arrests Cop - High Speed Cruiser Chase
  34. Spell Checker
  35. Blonde Girl Pranks Boyfriend
  36. Experience the Phenomenon of "LMFAO"
  37. Can anyone help me answer these questions?
  38. Do you want a rack of ribs?
  39. 21 Adult Truths!
  40. Twilight
  41. PayPal dispute ends in destruction of violin