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  1. Always looking for NNN.ca
  2. Coffee
  3. $10K budget, looking for one or more of the following criteria.
  4. Dating or Travel
  5. Outdoor store or Stock/Bond Investing
  6. Looking for some advice and services
  7. Need some advice and or suggestions. Indymedia.ca
  8. Request for Proposal - Corporate Branding and Website Development
  9. Request for Proposal - Website Redesign Healthnexus.ca
  10. Developed .ca Websites
  11. Request for Proposal - CCBAC, Website update/maintenance & Communications
  12. Request for Proposal: Innovation.ca - Canada Foundation for Innovation
  13. Request for Proposal: Town of banff Website Redevelopment, Construction, Maintenance
  14. Request for Proposal: Port of Montreal website, re-design, hosting & webmaster svcs
  15. Request for Proposal: University of Waterloo, WISE website re-design
  16. Looking for short numberic domain name
  17. Request for services: Alberta Department of Energy - Web Analyst
  18. Request for Proposal: Centennial College , Strategic Online Marketing Services
  19. Webmaster Needed: CPAC University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario
  20. Hockey and dating site names
  21. Request for Proposal - Lakehead University Website - 75K to 100K budget, lakeheadu.ca
  22. Request for Proposal - Government of Canada Access to On-line Job Postings Data
  23. Request for Proposal - TVO - E-Marketing Communication Services
  24. Request for Proposal - City of Dieppe - Website Design and Content Management System
  25. Request for Proposal - Town of Ponoka, Alberta - Website Redesign & Redevelopment
  26. Request for Proposal - St. Jerome's University - Website Redesign - sju.ca
  27. Request for Proposal - Parkdale Community Health Centre - Website Redesign
  28. .ca generic names wanted
  29. Request for Proposal - City of Airdrie, Alberta - Redevelopment Project
  30. Buying Website Traffic - recommendations please
  31. Request for Proposal - Construction Sector Council - Social Media Strategy
  32. Request for Proposal - Downsview Park - Website Redesign and Development
  33. Request for Proposal - Memorial University of Newfoundland - Web Strategy
  34. .ca names wanted - Pets, Breeders, Cats, Dogs, Horses
  35. Looking for DN domains (3 letters)
  36. CLEO Request for Proposals for Website Design and Development
  37. Request for Proposal - OLDS College Athletic Website
  38. Request for Proposal - Government of Canada - Graphic Design & Web Design Services
  39. .ca names wanted - Dating related sites
  40. MapleOne - The official discussion thread
  41. Advertisers for fishing/hunting forum.
  42. .ca names wanted - Pets related domains.
  43. Advertisers for Ontario's Best Hunting and Fishing Forum,December's Inventory Auction
  44. Dating Site names
  45. Need website-savvy techie to help revamp Not-For-Profit Bookstore’s website
  46. Engineering firm looking for website redesign - terraprobe.ca
  47. Custom Wordpress Development / API integration / Forms
  48. Advertisers for Ontario's Best Hunting and Fishing Forum, January's Inventory Auction
  51. Advertisers for Ontario's Best Ice Fishing Forum, February's Inventory Auction
  52. March Advertising Inventory Auction
  53. .CA Forum - Any Subject
  54. Do you have domaining related websites?
  55. classifieds domains
  56. HIGH Pagerank .ca Domains
  57. Looking for JV partner.
  58. Wanted : Advertising on .CA websites
  59. Get Paid to Post Article on Your Site
  60. Triple Repeating LLL.ca
  61. .CA websites with traffic
  62. Buying sites with revenue over $500 per month
  63. 100K$ Budget : Medical & Healthcare Domains
  64. Advertisers. Premium spots up for sale.
  65. investor in ecommerce
  66. I am looking for 3 letter .ca domains
  67. WTB: high quality financial domain names
  68. Short Brandable IT/PC .ca Name
  69. re looking for keywords
  70. Buying sites with revenue over $1,000 per month
  71. $4 each,register specified domains(include domain price)
  72. .ca names with traffic
  73. Looking for Dating/Financial/Web Hosting Domains
  74. .CA Certified domain Registrar?
  75. Looking for a domain for my firewood business
  76. Looking to buy LLL, NNN, one word domains, financials, etc
  77. LLLL.com (Any Letters)