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  1. CIRA hosting event on future of Canadian Internet FEB 25TH,2011
  2. Impact Awards - Deadline March 25th,2011
  3. Canadian Internet Forum Agenda - February 25,2011
  4. YPG lauches.... autos .ca
  5. Online Fax Services Site Gets Canadian Domain - Onlinefaxguide.ca
  6. Canadian, eh? Embrace .ca - Globe and Mail
  7. Won.com wins sales top price
  8. Netfirms Acquired by Endurance International Group
  9. Ca Sales
  10. CRTC’s Internet decision ‘simply wrong,’ Clement says
  11. Global Registration of Domain Names breaks 205 Million!
  12. Bet.ca sold in region of $200,000 USD
  13. Parents help kids mark digital footprint early with domain names, email accounts
  14. How not to combat Child Pornography: Cybertip.ca
  15. CIRA's 2011 Nomination Committee
  16. Internic.ca, Canada’s First Registrar, Partners with NameMedia’s Afternic
  17. Domain debate is part of larger struggle
  18. 400.ca websites battle for Impact Awards! You can enter too!
  19. He is the master of Harper's Domain
  20. 1&1, World’s Leading Web Hosting Company, Expands Services to Canada
  21. WhyProhibition.ca Temporary Outage Notice
  22. Pricetag.ca Sedo Auction - reserve met @ $2500.
  23. Webnames.ca Unveils New, Affordable, 100% Canadian Hosting Plans
  24. Apax Partners acquires AutoTrader.ca and more!
  25. Bell withdraws usage-based Net billing proposal
  26. Telemedicine.ca Sedo Auction - Reserve Met $1250
  27. Top 300 sites in Canada - April 1, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  28. Top 300 .ca sites- April 1, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  29. FindMoviesFast.ca acquires ShowTimes.ca
  30. DOMAINScanada.ca celebrates more than 10 years as a CIRA certified registrar
  31. Phishing Attack Warning for Internet Users
  32. Mesh 2011 - Canada's Web Conference May 25 & 26
  33. Seven prominent judges to pick $5,000 winners of .CA Impact Awards
  34. Google's free websites and .ca domains program is a hit across Canada
  35. Website to connect timber buyers and sellers
  36. Canadian buys up Kate Middleton web name Katemiddleton.com about fun, not money
  37. CIRA launches new website with enhanced usability and features
  38. IPv6, are you prepared?
  39. Top 300 sites in Canada - May 1, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  40. Top 300 .ca sites- May 1, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  41. Domain Convergence, Canada’s Exclusive Domainer Conference May 12-13, 2011
  42. CIRA releases report on the future of the Internet in Canada
  43. New: Broadband infographic
  44. Google Tunes, Google Music, Google Listen...
  45. Canada moves up malware ‘badness’ list
  46. CIRA Elections are upon us!
  47. Remember Coupons.ca for $85,000?
  48. 1&1 Offers Free .CA Domain with all Dual Web Hosting Packages
  49. Mediative Expands its Retail Footprint With Sears.ca
  50. Coastal Contacts Expands Domain Portfolio
  51. CIRA announces .CA Impact Award Winners!
  52. Marc Hyndman for CIRA Board of Directors
  53. InternetTraffic.com - Will this change the industry?
  54. Simple fix overlooked
  55. Winning Web strategies from award-winning Canadian sites
  56. Top 1000 .ca sites- June 1, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  57. Top 300 sites in Canada - June 4, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  58. Godaddy .com renewals for $ 7.99
  59. Quebec cracks down on Ticket Scalpers
  60. Happy World IPv6 Day!
  61. CIRA participates in World IPv6 Day
  62. Welcome to the dot-anything age
  63. Global Internet body ICANN unleashes domain names
  64. Current most popular Internet Domain Suffixes
  65. Yellow Media tumble and close down more than 18 per cent
  66. Go Daddy Enters Partnership with KKR, Silver Lake & TCV
  67. Top 1000 .ca sites- July 1, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  68. Important Changes: Sedo’s Improved Domain Marketplace
  69. Top 300 sites in Canada - July 2, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  70. Geek Speak: Cybele Negris, president of Webnames.ca
  71. There’s no free ride online
  72. .CA surpasses .US in total registrations
  73. .com vs. .ca: Which one to use?
  74. CIRA's Nomination Committee Selects Seven Final Candidates
  75. Top 1000 .ca sites- August 1st, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  76. Help shape our Internet, our future
  77. Groupon updates IPO filing, admits it's unprofitable
  78. NorthernGraphics.ca Announces Launch of New Graphics Business Website
  79. CIRA Board of Directors - Deadline August 15th,2011
  80. Premium .CA Domain Auction at POOL.COM
  81. Show Support August 25th,2011 12PM ET
  82. Beckstrom to leave ICANN at end of his term
  83. CreditCards.ca acquired for $650,000
  84. Advertisers Slam Proposed Changes to Internet Names
  85. Top 1000 .ca sites- September 3, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  86. Online red-light district opens
  87. Final Member Candidates Published
  88. CIRA Campaign Forum now open!
  89. Where to start to get your business online
  90. CIRA screws up the voting! In a move right out of the 19th century..
  91. Join CIRA’s consultation on accented domain names
  92. Condos.CA launches new website!
  93. The band that sold their domain name...
  94. KOALLO.ca Registrar offers $5.99 registration for month of October
  95. 'Wild West' domain grab to put trademarks at risk
  96. Premium Domain Auction at Pool.com
  97. Results of CIRA Board of Directors Election Results
  98. Frank Michlick joins Sedo!
  99. $1.99 / $4.99 .ca domain registration
  100. Calgary Internet business grew out of Apple seeds
  101. Webnames.ca and Small Business BC Launch Win a Website or Video Contest
  102. Google pitches websites to Ottawa business owners
  103. Sedo and Moniker Partner
  104. Afternic DLS Expands Network to Go Daddy Aftermarket
  105. New city agency’s .com and .ca names bought by local entrepreneurs
  106. How 'flipping' websites can make you millions
  107. CIRA and Media Awareness Network help build kids’ cyber security smarts
  108. Webnames.CA introduces $12.50 Domain Pricing
  109. Canadians stumped to identify challenges or opportunities to the Internet in Canada
  110. .CA Registrations have hit 1.8 Million!
  111. Geist: U.S. could claim millions of Canadian domain names in piracy battle
  112. 2012 .CA Impact Awards
  113. Zip.ca drops Zip.tv then files UDRP
  114. Boxing Day Website BoxingDay.ca acquired by eCoupons.ca
  115. Top 1000 .ca sites- December 4, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  116. RobFord.ca - we're sorry!
  117. Frank Schilling Launches DomainNameSales.com MarketPlace
  118. Webnames.ca Helps Companies Protect Trademarks and Brands in New .XXX
  119. Top 2500 .ca sites - December 27, 2011. Data from Alexa.com
  120. City opts out of grabbing .xxx domain
  121. The .CA Impact Awards Open for Entries
  122. Internet Control Should Be Outside Government's Domain
  123. CIRA Invitation to members - Canadian Internet Forum
  124. Canadians join website blackout protest against SOPA
  125. CIRA IDN Consultation
  126. Domain authority to allow French accents in website names
  127. “.ca” Domain Name Sold For $130,000
  128. Tucows Inc. Announces Final Results of Dutch Tender Offer
  129. Cost of site promoting Edmonton being questioned
  130. Top 2500 .ca sites - January 29, 2012. Data from Alexa.com
  131. Putting The Accent On .CA Domains
  132. SEDO's 2011 Annual Domain Market Study
  133. Robert Herjavec to headline national event on the future of the Internet in Canada
  134. Webserve Communications Inc. no longer a CIRA Certified Registrar
  135. Huffington Post targets Quebec with French site
  136. a lll.ca domain just sold for 10,000
  137. WWW.MONEY.CA Launches; New Canadian Money Site for Personal Finance
  138. CIRA takes an important step in making the Internet more secure
  139. MortgagesCanada.ca Announces Partnership AAA Debt Managers
  140. Canada has the world's 14th-largest domain registry!
  141. CIRA releases .CA Factbook, an information resource about the Internet
  142. Enter to win $5K thanks to your .CA domain name
  143. CIRA to host national event on the future of the Internet
  144. CIRA hosts national event on the future of the Internet
  145. Dealing with Internet evolution: 2012 Canadian Internet Forum
  146. BoDog.ca Business as Usual For Canadian Customers
  147. O Canada! DomainPeople Sponsors Contest for .CA Domain Websites
  148. Verisign: Internet domain names grew 2.7%
  149. Changes to CIRA's WHOIS look-up directory
  150. Domain name seizures and .CA
  151. Glam Media Canada Announces Strategic Partnership with Divine.ca
  152. 2012 Board of Directors Election and Annual General Meeting Dates Announcement
  153. Canada, the Internet needs you
  154. Domain Names Are as Important as Your Children's
  155. Last Chance to Enter .CA Impact Awards
  156. The most important day ever for Domainers
  157. CRC Systems Inc. no longer a CIRA Certified Registrar
  158. Top 2500 .ca sites - April 1, 2012. Data from Alexa.com
  159. ICANN 45 Meeting scheduled to be in Toronto
  160. CIRA Governance Update
  161. CIRA Corporate Plan - Fiscal Year 2013
  162. CIRA's 2012 Nomination Committee
  163. New iPhone App Reveals Domain Name and Website Sales Figures
  164. CIRA participates in development of online DNSChanger Malware Checker for Canadians
  165. Dot.ca manager doesn’t seem to trust Canadians
  166. Rare Domain Name MAMA.COM AND MAMA.CA Available In Online Auction
  167. Half of all new top-level domains will fail, CIRA says
  168. Help shape Canada’s Internet by becoming a CIRA Board member
  169. The Dot-CA Domain Extension, Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
  170. CIRA celebrates 25 years of .CA
  171. CIRA announces 2012 .CA Impact Award winners at mesh conference
  172. Top 2500 .ca sites - May 27, 2012. Data from Alexa.com
  173. Web veteran wants to be boss of dot-sucks
  174. .CA Registry Upgrade
  175. CIRA participates in World IPv6 Day
  176. Internationalized Domain Names and .CA
  177. New partnership between .CA Registry and OpenDNSSEC AB (svb)
  178. CIRA is upgrading its .CA Registry system to serve you better.
  179. CIRA partners with MediaSmarts for landmark research study
  180. CIRA to act as a catalyst for a faster, better performing Internet
  181. Master our domain - .can't compete ?
  182. DNCrowd.com - Logo Finished!
  183. Celebrating 25 years of .CA
  184. Canada's online presence: .ca marks 25th birthday
  185. CIRA's 2012 Member Nominations
  186. 11% increase Domain registrations
  187. CIRA acknowledges departing Board Member Rick Andersons contribution
  188. Can venerable .ca domain extension survive looming Internet explosion?
  189. CIRA's Nomination Committee Selects Eight Final Candidates
  190. Help Shape our Internet and our Future
  191. Canadian Web site owners targeted by new scam
  192. CIRA investigating dot-ca phishing scammers, CEO says
  193. August 23 Show your support for Member Nominees
  194. Help Shape our Internet and our Future
  195. Member Nominees for CIRA election
  196. CIRA to provide Forum for Election Candidate discussion
  197. Have your say in the future of Canadas Internet
  198. .CA Members to Elect New Board Directors
  199. Domain Management System - Manage your Domaining Business - On sale now!
  200. CIRA Supports Ride the Rideau Fundraiser
  201. CIRA welcomes world Internet leaders to Toronto
  202. International meeting of Internet leaders kicks off
  203. Internet icons come together for gala evening at the CN Tower
  204. Internet community rallies behind Internets current governance model
  205. .CA Domain Sale - Just For Canada
  206. TigerDomains November Sale!
  207. Canadians care most about Internet security, access, digital literacy
  208. Coming Soon: Register a .CA in French!
  209. Do not miss: $5.95 .ca registrations
  210. Less than 10,000 domains for .CA to hit 2,000,000 domains!
  211. International campaign to keep the Internet free and open begins today
  212. YZYV.COM - Low Ball Offer!
  213. .CA extension breaks 2,000,000 domains!
  214. Canada Reaches Two Million .CA Internet Addresses
  215. CIRA to host national event on future of the Internet in Canada
  216. .CA Domain Will Support French Characters Starting Mid-January
  217. Upcoming .CA Service Outage
  218. .CA takes on a French accent
  219. Help to build trusted Canadian values online
  220. Top 2500 .ca sites - January 20, 2013. Data from Alexa.com
  221. Apply today for CIRAs Nomination Committee
  222. YOU ARE INVITED 2013 Canadian Internet Forum (CIF) National Event
  223. Canadians use the Internet more than anyone else
  224. www.IceFishingShop.ca
  225. Bill C-30 - Posted By Byron Holland
  226. The Internet and you: Its time for Canadians to speak up
  227. Yesterday we signed our first domain lease!
  228. Canadians can have their say through Canadian Internet Forum
  229. 2013 CIRA Board of Directors Election and Annual General Meeting Dates Announcement
  230. LeasingDomains.com is now a chat forum about leasing
  231. CIRAs 2013 Nomination Committee
  232. Domain Industry Veterans Team Up To Run .online
  233. Webnames.ca Launches Trademark Clearinghouse Validation Process for Trademark Holders
  234. DOMAINScanada.ca Inc. to Offer More Top-Level Domains and SSL Certificate Offerings
  236. Don't waste your money on Domain Conferences
  237. CIRA increases support for digital and media literacy
  238. Join the CIRA Board of Directors and help build trusted Canadian values online
  239. CIRA President appointed chair of the Country Code Names Supporting Organization
  240. Phone call security scam warning for Internet users
  241. Help build trusted Canadian values online
  242. Discuss, debate, participate
  243. CIRA hires Dave Chiswell as Vice President, Product Development
  244. .CA Members to Elect New CIRA Board Directors
  245. Update: Phone call security scam warning for Internet users
  246. Web user accuses KGHM of domain hijacking
  247. Farewell to Paul Andersen
  248. .CA Member Networking Event: Toronto
  249. Research shows .CA works
  250. Build trust and win local customers with your website