CALGARY — A former judge who resigned over his treatment of a sexual assault complainant is to make his case today for why he should be allowed to practise law again.
The Law Society of Alberta is to hold a day-long reinstatement hearing for Robin Camp in Calgary.
Camp stepped down from Federal Court in March following a Canadian Judicial Council recommendation that he be removed from the bench.
Accused was acquitted twice

Court transcripts from the 2014 sexual assault trial show that Camp — a provincial court judge in Calgary at the time — called the complainant "the accused" numerous times.
They show he asked the young woman why she didn't resist by keeping her knees together.
Camp found the accused, Alexander Wagar, not guilty, but the Appeal Court ordered a new trial that resulted in him being acquitted for a second time.
Camp apologized for his remarks and has undergone training and counselling.
When law society members become judges, they are automatically no longer part of the organization.