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    selling .ca domain names

    Where on the net is the best place to sell .ca domain names?
    {other than here}

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    the .ca market is fragmented and there is no one place to sell

    if you can't sell them here, you can list a for sale sign on the each domain and maybe you will catch a visitors eye

    other marketplaces include pool.com or sedo.com but again, they do not target .CA directly
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    Selling to resellers is a difficult proposition if you are selling lower end domain names. I personally like to contact endusers regarding domains specific to their product, service or business. For instance, if you owned horseshoeing.ca, do a Google search for "horseshoeing" and see what companies come up. Make a list, develop a professional email and send it off. If you don't get a response, follow up via the phone as this sometimes works better for the older generation.

    I made a lot of mistakes over my 8+ years domaining. Just because the .ca is available, doesn't mean it is a good domain. Also, just because you can't sell a domain on a domain forum doesn't mean it isn't a good domain. Sometimes people don't see the worth. For instance, I tried to sell a domain on a forum for $50. No takers...I contacted a few endusers and in a week, had it sold for $500. Another example is I saw a domain for sale for $50. I bought it and sold it the following week for $2000.

    I guess what I am trying to say is the domain game doesn't make sense all the time. Sometimes we get discouraged when something that we think is valuable doesn't sell right away. There is a chance that your domain sucks; there is a chance the others don't see what you see. Try and find someone who could benefit from owning your domain. I find that is always the best route.

    As well, if you have a good domain, develop it into a full site or better yet, if it is a product related domain, find someone who has those products and ask if they will drop ship for you. I built a few good businesses out of this model like LobsterCanada dot com and now Shellfish dot ca.
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    selling .ca domain names

    Thank you for your valuable post Waldo.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.


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    I'd like to re-visit this are there any new good spots for .ca sales? or status quo with Waldo's post above....


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    Some great advice from Waldo. But you might be surprised to know that Ebay is perhaps the most popular place to sell domain names! http://Afternic.com is another place that connects buyers and sellers. You can also try Sedo.com, they are one of largest offering this kind of service.

    hope that helps.

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    Thanks! I'm setup with these sites just wasn't sure if there was a preference for .ca's

    has anyone had any success with excellentdomains.ca ? they want 30$ for 6 months to list or $40 for a year with no commission, Not sure if its worth it if they don't produce many leads.


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    I sold 16 names on Kijiji for free. (as in no ad costs)
    I also let a lot expire because I was building a house and needed all the money I could get.

    I still have all my prime babies though and I will sell them mostly to end users. Right now I only have about 39 domains and I sold an oddball one last week and made a couple hundred (mind you it was a .com)

    I mostly forward my domains to a static page now and wait for an end user to contact me. I have made enough profit on the very few sales I have had to keep my registrations up to date for the next 20 years.

    Other than that, I like to dabble just a touch but a lesson learned is to leave it to the professionals. I find most of the profit I have made was by dumb luck of somebody wanting my domain. I have a few crown jewels where I get a number of contacts a year but it takes someone to actually part with dollars to make it pay.

    I love this forum and have learned a lot but most of the successful guys here do it for a living and have a pretty big inventory of names. They do well but new guys getting in are going to have a tough run unless they are pretty savvy.

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    To sell a domain you have a few choices - ranked in general from the highest potential profit, to the lowest.

    1. Sit back and wait for an end user to come to you. It's easier to play hardball on pricing if you're not actively promoting a domain for sale (indicating that you're motivated to sell it). If someone inquires, you can give them your price, but you can also just ask for offers. Since you're not actively trying to sell the domain and the buyer is coming to you, I feel then its the buyer's responsibility to start off with an offer.

    2. Put up a site saying the domain is for sale (which I see you've done). Now you're indicating you're willing to sell, so do your research and set a realistic price expectation, have some good comparable sales to back up your pricing. Don't respond to people with "make your best offer" either. I feel that if you are advertising something for sale, then you need to have a price. Collect email addresses of interested parties and before you accept any offer, give one last shot to everyone who has shown prior interest. I'm shocked at how often I've inquired on domains and made good serious offers only to hear the domain was sold a year later to someone else for a similar price. I could never understand why they wouldn't have gotten back in touch with me before they sell! People magically become motivated buyers when they realize they're about to lose their shot at a good domain.

    3. Do the research to find good candidate buyers, both to domainers and end users. Make contact by email and phone and see what you can drum up on your own. I say check with domainers too because at least you get a baseline reality check on the domain's value and you can set your end user pricing up from there. Of course don't forget to touch base with any inquiries you've had in the past about your domains. If you're really lucky you might get multiple interested parties. You may not get a bidding war, but you could do a reverse auction, set your initial price well above both of their best offers and then work downwards until one of them buys.

    4. If you don't want to do the legwork, hire a GOOD broker who will research and make end-user contacts for you. Just expect to pay a good commission for all the legwork. They need to be motivated...

    5. List your domains through all the dime-a-dozen domain markets, forums or brokers who just fire off a newsletter to other domainers. If you have LOTS of domains, obviously you'll want to use ones that have a reasonable commission level rather than an upfront fee. If you have just a few high value domains, then paying a flat fee might be reasonable, but I'd still ask what kind of added value you are getting for that fee and decide if its worth it.

    Last thought is, if you really want to sell a domain, you really have to keep your price expectations reasonable. Even with a great domain the stars have to be aligned to get the right buyer at the right time for a high end-user sale price. If you've already been waiting a decade for those stars to align, realize you may be waiting decades more too. If you're not willing to wait that long, you've simply got to price it right and then it will sell. That means you may not even get offers as good as you've had in the past. Remember, timing is everything. One keyword may have been hot a couple years ago, but that doesn't mean its still hot today...

    BEST of luck selling. Hope you get a price that you can live with!

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    This is outstanding stuff thanks for the post will keep it all in mind

    Thanks again

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