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    How to choose a web hosting company?

    How to choose a web hosting company?

    1. Reliability: when choosing a web host many people base their decision on the offered disk space and bandwidth. Unless you already have a very popular blog you will hardly use even 10% the bandwidth on most hosting plans. The main factor on your decision, therefore, should be the reliability of the host (i.e. the speed of the servers and the uptime).

    2. Research: in order to verify the reliability of the different web hosts you will need to research online. Use search engines to gather customer reviews and check the online forums dedicated to web hosting.

    3. Oversellers: it is very tempting to sign up with a web host that offers many Gigabytes of disk space, Terabytes of monthly bandwidth and unlimited domains. Specially if they charge $3,95 monthly for those specifications The only problem is that those hosting providers are clearly overselling, and thus they are not able to guarantee service quality. When choosing a web host look for a company that offers reasonable specifications.

    4. Customer Support: before signing up make sure that you send some emails to the sales support. Check how fast they answer, how friendly they are and what degree of technical knowledge the operators have. If a company has a poor customer care department to begin with its very likely that other parts of the business will have the same performance.

    5. Don’t be cheap: if you are serious about your website or blog you should invest some money into a good web hosting solution. I am not saying that you will need a dedicated server right from the start, but consider that if you want a reliable and fast provider you will need to spend around $10 monthly.

    Here are some top Canadian Web Hosts
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    Good points - however things like reliability are difficult to determine without actually being with a provider for a while. In addition, there are so many fake reviews out there even reviews can be unreliable. Your best bet for #1 and #4 might be to try a free trial period with a provider that seems decent before committing to anything long
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    Nice review theinvestor. For point #1 i would add that a good way to judge reliability is to look for customer feedback and reviews on various reputable hosting review sites for example: http://www.hostsearch.com/reviews.asp or http://www.serchen.com/. If your still not sure most hosts offer monthly packages or 3 month terms.

    For #5, you would be surprised how many hosts charge 10$ per month and they dont perform. Your best bet is to try the host out on short term and see for yourself.

    Shared Hosting has changed alot in the last couple of years, there are new technologies used by most hosts these days such CloudLinux that isolate hosting accounts and control resources based on predetermined settings.

    Hope this helps those looking for hosting.

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    I found a good Canadian hosting service with servers in Canada. I have been with Stormweb.ca for 6 years now. The got very good reviews at I see they include a free domain now with hosting.

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