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    Web Development and Domaining

    Hello all,

    The whole Domainer industry is interesting, I have made my mistakes as a newbie and I'll probably make a few more just hopefully its not for trademark infringement, this I am learning is important not to do.

    I notice there are quite a few .ca's around still. Is now the time to buy up .ca names and develop? Do you guys think a name like drugprices dot ca will have value in ten years if I develop a basic site now? Or should I stick with non generic .com names such as SolarRim dot com and hope someone likes it down the road?

    Can domaining and web development be a hobby, or is there too much to learn? I just want to make basic webpages that look sharp and learn how to generate traffic.

    If there is someone with a tonne of knowledge who wouldn't mind a rookie asking them questions via PM from time to time let me know. I could use some kind of mentor.

    Thanks and happy domaining!

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    You can always feel free to ask me any questions. I am sure others will offer help as well.
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