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  1. Military launches 5 new support centres
  2. Cyberattack defences in place, PM says
  3. Broadcasters plan defence against online content
  4. Canada's ninth PM finally gets official portrait unveiling
  5. Poll: Conservative support gains momentum
  6. Rahm Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral election
  7. Commons allows MPs, staff to use social media apps
  8. Layton convinced caucus will back budget talks
  9. Tories tout economic prudence in cross-country blitz
  10. Conservative officials face Elections Act charges
  11. Tories charged with 'misleading' Elections Canada
  12. Conservative Party 'disappointed' charges filed
  13. Shape of new Irish government yet to emerge
  14. Charges against Tories could trigger spring election
  15. NDP, Tories release ads as Parliament resumes
  16. Ottawa estimates cost of running Canada down $10B
  17. NDP want referendum on abolishing the Senate
  18. Court strikes down Tory defense on election financing
  19. Gov't dragging heels on RCMP oversight: opposition
  20. Federal budget set for March 22, Flaherty says
  21. Budget set for March 22, but will NDP support it?
  22. Tories, rivals ready to fight, but election not certain
  23. Top Tory lashes out on Twitter over election charges
  24. NDP Leader Jack Layton to undergo hip surgery
  25. Tories rebuff calls for Kenney to resign
  26. Tories rebuff calls for Kenney to resign
  27. PMO apologizes for booting media from Ignatieff speech
  28. Kenney stands firm, says letter was sent in error
  29. Kenney stands firm amid calls for his resignation
  30. Liberal MPs lead in absences in the House
  31. Liberals may try to topple government before budget
  32. Election-hungry opposition keeps snapping at Tories
  33. Speaker says feds breached parliamentary privilege
  34. 'Harper Government' branding draws more fire
  35. F-35 report due as government loses key ethics rulings
  36. Page's report pegs F-35 price tag at $29.3 billion
  37. $500K payout got rid of integrity boss quickly: PM
  38. Former ethics boss decries 'attack' on her reputation
  39. Conservatives dismiss violations as 'distractions'
  40. Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne guilty of fraud
  41. Grit senator found guilty of fraud, breach of trust
  42. Day, Strahl won't run in next federal election
  43. Layton says no indication gov't met his budget demands
  44. Former aide to Danny Williams backs away from oil board
  45. RCMP to probe actions of Conservative staffer
  46. Liberals would fund Quebec arena, Ignatieff says
  47. Trudeau ignites storm over citizenship guide description
  48. Gordon Campbell quits as MLA
  49. Don't force election in wake of Japanese quake: Harper
  50. Hearings could trigger contempt finding against gov't
  51. Hearings could trigger contempt finding against gov't
  52. PM defends decision not to fund arena
  53. PMO denies allegations aide offered access to PM
  54. Feds pledge $5M to promote safety in youth sports
  55. Ministers back at Commons committee for hearing
  56. Ministers accused of misleading Commons committee
  57. Draft motion says Tories in contempt of Parliament
  58. Military questions PBO's cost projections for F-35s
  59. Former PMO aide had four meetings with feds
  60. Harper wants more info on allegations against ex-adviser
  61. Conservatives 39, Liberals 28 in latest poll
  62. Tories hold lead, Harper's leadership score down
  63. Committee finds Harper government in contempt
  64. Taiwan, Israel destinations of choice for junketing MPs
  65. Wide-ranging budget gives nod to NDP, but is it enough?
  66. Budget offers small measures for wide range of issues
  67. Election would freeze decisions on Atlantic projects
  68. Ex-Harper aide had money woes before working in PMO
  69. Girlfriend of ex-PMO aide Carson breaks silence
  70. Elizabeth May's election focus: winning own riding
  71. Poll says trust in Conservative government falling
  72. More 'below the belt' tactics expected this election
  73. Opposition parties topple Harper government
  74. Harper confirms Canadians heading to polls May 2
  75. Duceppe accuses PM of 'lying' as campaigns begin
  76. Accusations fly on first day of election campaign
  77. Analysis: Ignatieff practises 'know your enemy' strategy
  79. Duceppe says Harper lying on coalition
  80. Ex-N.S. cabinet minister to run for Tories in election
  81. Harper, Ignatieff trade shots over tax relief plan
  82. On day three, federal election turns to policy
  83. Fabian Manning quits Senate to run for Tories in N.L.
  84. Liberals offer money for students, NDP targets debt
  85. Harper decries opposition's 'reckless' EI plans
  86. Poll: Conservatives maintain 10-pt lead over Liberals
  87. Harper challenges Ignatieff to one-on-one debate
  88. Conservatives steady, NDP losing support to Liberals
  89. Federal leaders to wrap first week of election campaign
  90. Liberals, NDP focus on care, Harper talks economy
  91. Harper vows to scrap per-vote subsidies
  92. Layton has the hustings to himself as rivals take break
  93. Layton promises cash for veterans as rivals rest
  94. Ignatieff must convince voters only he can stop Harper
  95. Harper would double child fitness tax credit
  96. Bruce Carson told PM about his fraud conviction: lawyer
  97. Ex-adviser told PMO about his fraud conviction: lawyer
  98. Party leaders kick off election campaign week two
  99. PM wouldn't have hired Carson if he knew his past
  100. Harper, Ignatieff to visit Quebec; Layton woos Winnipeg
  101. Tories hold lead, but Liberals catching up: poll
  102. Tories woo newcomers in T.O., Libs pitch to rural voters
  103. Ignatieff and Harper get one-on-one showdown
  104. Harper job interview revived Carson's political career
  105. Harper finally says sorry for screening at events
  106. Campaign gaffes have little effect on support: poll
  107. Battleground Ontario heats up as NDP support drops
  108. Harper plan would eliminate deficit by 2014
  109. Don Martin on Ralph Klein: A vital voice has fallen silent
  110. Are party leaders vying for women's votes?
  111. What's happening with women and undecided voters
  112. Ignatieff attacks Tories' $11-billion 'hole'
  113. Image consultants evaluate leaders on campaign trail
  114. Harper says Tories can cut costs, keep services
  115. Leaders cut appearances ahead of midweek debates
  116. Poll: Tories still lead nationally, Grits gain in B.C.
  117. Leaders expected to hammer Harper gov't credibility
  118. Harper met ex-aide Carson's lover at 24 Sussex party
  119. Harper repels 'bickering' in 1st debate; Round 2 tonight
  120. Leaders get set for Round 2 debate
  121. Coalition, long guns dominate lively French debate
  122. The most-used words of the French-language debate
  123. Ignatieff blasts Tory request for 'ethnic costumes'
  124. Chretien takes aim at Harper's plea for a majority gov't
  125. Fact Check: Why are advance polls held over Easter?
  126. Ignatieff slams attempt to annul Guelph student votes
  127. Guelph special ballot was valid: Elections Canada
  128. If Ignatieff can't deliver win, will he stay chief?
  129. Fact Check: Do the Liberals really want an iPod tax?
  130. Ex-PMs join Liberal campaign to attack Harper economy
  131. Paul Martin lends a hand on Liberal campaign trail
  132. Environmental issues have no champion this election
  133. PQ leader promises Quebec will be a country
  134. Layton vows NDP support for high-speed rail link
  135. Layton touts NDP as federalist option in Quebec
  136. MPs feel like 'trained seals' on Parliament Hill
  137. Campaign rhetoric hits new highs as vote approaches
  138. Health care, sovereignty take centre stage in campaign
  139. Ignatieff announces $225M flood strategy
  140. Top Harper aide held meeting on port hiring: report
  141. Precision campaigning ramps up in advance of vote
  142. Harper renews warning of a looming 'reckless coalition'
  143. Liberals seek criminal probe of G8 fund
  144. Harper hopes promises, Williams exit boost N.L. campaign
  145. PM heads to N.L., hoping for breakthrough on the Rock
  146. Layton tries to keep momentum as rivals take Easter break
  147. PM defends aide, senator after mysterious recordings
  148. Poll shows NDP, Liberals in statistical tie
  149. Why 3 northern ridings could be vital this election
  150. Ignatieff, Layton campaigns to cross at Sikh celebration
  151. With NDP surging, leaders prep for frantic final week
  152. Conservatives trending up, Liberals slipping in Ont.
  153. Bloc summons Parizeau to boost fortunes in Quebec
  154. Platforms and promises revealed, parties focus on votes
  155. Layton willing to reopen Constitution, but not right away
  156. Harper 'challenges' Canadians to vote Conservative
  157. Harper says NDP-led coalition would be 'disastrous'
  158. Harper would bolster border trade, improve security
  159. Ignatieff, Harper focus attacks on Layton
  160. Layton tours Tory ridings in B.C. amid orange tide
  161. Harper warns of NDP threat, calls for majority
  162. Who holds parties accountable for health care promises?
  163. Leaders hit key ridings on final day of campaign
  164. Leaders hit Ontario hard on final campaign day
  165. Osama Bin Laden Killed
  166. Canadians head to the polls as Harper asks for majority
  167. Leaders cast ballots, turn election over to voters
  168. With majority, Harper pledges to build 'great future'
  169. Liberal Leader Ignatieff to step down
  170. No date set for Parliament's return, Harper says
  171. Vacationing NDP candidate accused of false papers
  172. Liberals balk at immediate leadership vote
  173. New Tory MP downplays rumours he's cabinet-bound
  174. Tories likely to table federal budget in May
  175. Court challenge unlikely for controversial new NDP MP
  176. Elusive NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau speaks out
  177. Defeated MPs sent home with big, guaranteed pensions
  178. Liberals could postpone choosing leader for year
  179. Report gives Harper gov't failing grade for access to info
  180. Former senator to be sentenced on fraud, breach of trust
  181. Returning and outgoing Liberal MPs hold final meeting
  182. New NDP MP finally visits her Quebec riding
  183. Layton plans to push Tories to strengthen pensions
  184. Former astronaut offers to be interim Liberal leader
  185. PM, ministers beyond reach of access to info: SCC
  186. Information commissioner alarmed by court ruling
  187. Recount confirms NDP win over Tory in Quebec riding
  188. Liberals consider delaying leadership vote
  189. PQ toasts Scottish separatists, shares referendum ideas
  190. Atlantic Canada needs new payment deal: premiers
  191. Parliament expected to resume June 3
  192. Parliament to resume June 2 to elect Speaker
  193. Judicial recount confirms Liberal win in Winnipeg North
  194. Ed Fast, John Baird taking key roles in cabinet
  195. Harper appoints 3 defeated candidates to Senate
  196. Liberals eye fall of 2012 for choosing new leader
  197. Rae seeks Liberal interim leadership, end to 'squabbling'
  198. Tory battle brewing ahead of party convention
  199. GOP snubbing tea party in 2012 campaign?
  200. Mideast peace talks would face huge obstacles
  201. Senate leader defends Harper's appointments
  202. Former Sarah Palin aide pens tell-all memoir
  203. Layton returns to Commons with mandate to 'fix Ottawa'
  204. Top Tories dispute party's founding principles
  205. Budget due June 6 will phase out political subsidies
  206. Rae: Liberals' defeat marks 'exciting opportunity'
  207. More Canadians willing to reopen constitution: poll
  208. Don Martin: A youth movement as new MPs hit Ottawa
  209. Layton promises to maintain Quebec Commons standings
  210. Balancing budget 'not without difficulty,' says Flaherty
  211. Bureaucrats 'obligated' to use Harper Government
  212. May says Canada's green efforts aren't good enough
  213. Flaherty says March budget projections remain intact
  214. Disillusioned Quebec Tories in no partying mood
  215. Prime minister urges caucus to stay 'humble'
  216. Jack Layton rudest MP in House, says study
  217. Poll suggests NDP election day support has solidified
  218. Layton spoke privately with Mulroney on Quebec MPs
  219. Syria shuts down the Internet
  220. Throne speech traces Tory roadmap for next four years
  221. Layton worries cities could see funding shrink
  222. Questions on spending cuts loom over federal budget
  223. Flaherty to unveil slightly revamped federal budget
  224. Conservatives present 'Groundhog Day' budget
  225. No 'draconian' cuts needed to erase deficit: Flaherty
  226. Hackers break into Conservative website, claim Harper choked on breakfast
  227. Opposition wants to know where budget cuts will be
  228. Military, tax policies up for debate at Tory convention
  229. AG slams government over secrecy on G8 spending
  230. Tories gather in Ottawa for party convention
  231. Tories divided on leadership voting rules
  232. Harper looks to Quebec and beyond during speech
  233. Darrell Pasloski is sworn in as Yukon premier
  234. Parizeau takes jab at Marois over sovereignty
  235. Baird defends Libya mission as House debate nears
  236. House of Commons passes federal budget
  237. MPs to debate, vote on extending Libya mission
  238. Parliament votes to extend military mission in Libya
  239. MacKay defends Libya extension, says 'unknowns remain'
  240. Senate reform ruffles some Conservative feathers
  241. Ottawa acting with 'haste' over Air Canada strike: NDP
  242. CAW 'satisfied' with Air Canada deal: Lewenza
  243. Ethics watchdog says MPs may need code of conduct
  244. With new success, will the NDP plot a new course?
  245. Michelle Obama making solo trip to South Africa
  246. Layton nixes cutting NDP ties to labour unions
  247. Put Senate reform to the people, not politicians: NDP
  248. Put Senate reform to the people, not politicians: NDP
  249. Flaherty warns of EU debt crisis contagion
  250. Government tables Senate reform bill