View Full Version : Weekly Poll

  1. What is your best month of the year for end user enquiries?
  2. How many .ca domains do you own?
  3. Do you use Privacy for your .ca's?
  4. Do you prefer .ca's to remain restricted to those with Canadian Presence?
  5. What is your favourite .ca registrar?
  6. What is the most you have spent on a TBR(To Be Released) domain?
  7. What is your favourite TBR(To Be Released) Registrar?
  8. Are you a CIRA Member?
  9. Do you develop your .ca domain names?
  10. Which Parking Provider do you use to park your .ca domains?
  11. What do you think of the new CIRA website?
  12. How much time do you spend online per day?
  13. How often do you participate in TBR?
  14. Do you think CIRA is taking the necessary steps to improve our .CA extension?
  15. When was the first .CA you registered?
  16. When will .CA extension hit 2,000,000 domains?
  17. Have you ever been involved in a CIRA dispute?
  18. Will ICANN's new changes affect the .CA extension?
  19. Would you like to see a return of provincial extensions?
  20. Do you think CIRA should keep privacy as default option?
  21. Do you agree with CIRA lowering fees for disputes in CDRP?
  22. Do you think TBR will ever run daily?
  23. What other extensions do you invest in?
  24. Which of the following social networking sites do you like the most?
  25. Do you believe .CA needs its own auction platform?
  26. How did you hear about DNC.ca?
  27. Do you read domain blogs?
  28. Would you be interested in a monthly Domain Name Newsletter?
  29. How many domains do you hand register every year?
  30. Do you have any developed websites receiving more than 500 visitors a day?
  31. Would members like to create their own polls?
  32. Have you registered any domains during October's .ca promo?
  33. Have you used WordPress for one of your websites?
  34. Will you take advantage of any domain deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
  35. Will you do your Christmas Shopping online this year?
  36. Will you go out to do Boxing Day Shopping today?
  37. Will you be registering/buying or dropping domains in 2012?
  38. Are we ever going to see cheaper registration costs?
  39. Will quality of TBR (To Be Released) domains decrease in 2012?
  40. What's your best day of the week in terms of traffic/revenue on your domains?
  41. If french IDN's become a reality, how many domains do you think will be registered?
  42. How many registrars do you have domains registered with?
  43. Who forwards their .com to a .ca?
  44. With or Without Canada Flag?
  45. Are you receiving more or less offers than previous year?
  46. Do you expect your domain sales to increase or decrease in 2013?
  47. Have you purchased any French (IDN) domains?