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  1. janpro.ca domain dispute
  2. Question.
  3. Links to copyright information
  4. Dispute Breakdown from 2002 - May 1,2010
  5. CIRA procedural changes to CDRP - Must read!
  6. Spaces
  7. Browneco.ca domain dispute - Interesting !
  8. expressfitforwomen.ca expressfit4women.ca - domain name dispute - guess what ?
  9. ultimatefightingchampionships.ca - Dispute April 5,2011
  10. CIRA disputes...a nice change.
  11. Domain name Dispute - Ontario Superior Court of Justice - South Simcoe vs. Wakeford
  12. Protect your intellectual property
  13. Supreme Court of British Columbia - Animal Welfare inc vs. W3 International Media
  14. Canada Trade-marks Opposition Board - Cogan vs. emusic.com
  15. CIRA Consults on Substantive and Procedural Changes to its Domain Name Disputes
  16. jockey.ca CIRA dispute June 13th,2011
  17. these letters are all the same.. bla bla
  18. Buyer has defaulted on MeetSingles.ca
  19. mrappliance.ca July 17th,2011 CIRA Dispute
  20. is the RIARP policy fair?
  21. bellapierre.ca July 15th,2011 CIRA Dispute
  22. CIRA implements revised CDRP Policy and Rules
  23. Domain Names Case Database
  24. Canadian Court Rules Domain Names Are Property
  25. Nintendo fights to get SuperMario.com domain name!
  26. Are we going to see less CIRA disputes?
  27. Please read RULES before posting!
  28. TARGET fails to get interlocutory injunction
  29. British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (BCICAC)
  30. Resolution Canada Inc.
  31. RIM opposes Apple WebKit trademark in Canada
  32. Did Canadian Firm (Netfirms) Snitch over Lese-Majeste Charges? - WOW must read folks
  33. OKI.CA Complaint Dismissed - September 21st,2011
  34. KLM.ca transferred CIRA dispute
  35. Student association sues KSA Truth website
  36. Sittercity.ca Transfer Granted September 20th,2011 - Dispute
  37. myshaw.ca gets transferred to Complainant Shaw Cable
  38. sheratta.ca , brarflour.ca , brarflourmilling.ca transferred
  39. Court Enforces Terms of Use Against Website Scraper
  40. Nissan.com
  41. Complainant Ryerson University gets ryersonhousing.ca
  42. KSA files second defamation suit
  43. Glen Raven Inc. wins dispute over Sunbrella.ca
  44. LF,LLC wins dispute over LowesDisposal.ca
  45. Citrix online wins gotomeeting.ca in CIRA dispute!
  46. The Exite group Inc. wins dispute for bellapierra.ca
  47. Another year means more disputes?
  48. possible dispute, not sure.
  49. twenga.ca the first CIRA dispute of 2012
  50. Google Inc. wins dispute over googleqc.ca
  51. Ontario Power Authority wins dispute for homeassistanceprogram.ca
  52. Daniel Mullen loses dispute over cointreau.ca
  53. Lawyers battle over fertilitylawcanada.com domain name in UDRP proceeding
  54. Glaxo Group Limited wins dispute for flovent.ca
  55. Newmarket councillor working to acquire domain names
  56. General Motors wins dispute over cadillacxts.ca
  57. Etro S.p.A. wins dispute over etro.ca
  58. HMV Canada wins dispute over hmvcanada.ca
  59. Western Rice Mills tld wins dispute for westernricemills.ca.
  60. Complainant JOBRAPIDO S.r.l. loses dispute over jobrapido.ca
  61. Forest Laboratories Canada Inc. loses CIRA dispute for forestlaboratories.ca
  62. Oakley Inc. wins dispute for discount-oakley-sunglasses-sale.ca
  63. Ebates Canada Inc. loses domain dispute for ebates.ca
  64. Pneus Online Holding SARL et B2C Pneus Inc wins dispute for four .CA domains.
  65. General Motors wins dispute for chevroletorlando.ca
  66. Apple wins numerous domain disputes
  67. Mold.ca Inc loses dispute for Mold.ca and Mould.ca
  68. LEGO Juris A/S dispute over LegoFurniture.ca
  69. Labrador II, Inc., loses CIRA dispute for petdepot.ca
  70. David Chambers loses dispute for albertafoundationandconcretelifting.ca
  71. SayNoToBell.ca - is there a trademark infridgement?
  72. Exxon Mobil Corporation wins dispute for mobil1lubeexpress.ca
  73. Ontario Physical and Health Education Association wins dispute for ophea.ca
  74. Georgia-Pacific Consumer Prodcuts LP wins dispute for angelsoft.ca
  75. BHP Billiton Innovation Pty Ltd wins dispute for bhpbilliton.ca
  76. PATAGONIA INC. loses dispute for patagonia.ca
  77. Weekday Brands AB wins dispute for CheapMonday.ca
  78. ND Graphics Inc., wins dispute for ndgraphics.ca
  79. BLANCO Gmbh + Co KG wins dispute for blancosinks.ca
  80. RIM wins dispute for blackberry10.ca
  81. BLANCO GmbH + Co KG wins dispute for blancofaucet.ca
  82. Sterling Jewellers, Inc. loses dispute over Jared.ca
  83. Alberta Foundation wins dispute for albertafoundationandconcretelifting.ca
  84. Laboratoire HRA - Pharma wins dispute for norlevo.ca
  85. Microsoft Corporation wins dispute for gbing.ca
  86. Sterling Jewelers, Inc. loses dispute for kay.ca
  87. LEGO Juris A/S wins dispute for legostore.ca
  88. Magna International Inc. wins dispute for mymagna.ca
  89. Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP wins dispute for enmotion.ca
  90. Luidia, Inc. loses dispute for ebeam.ca
  91. Alpargatas S.A. wins dispute for havaianas.ca
  92. American Girl, LLC loses dispute for americangirl.ca
  93. Can I appeal or contest is some way a CDRP ruling?
  94. The One Group LLC loses dispute for grilladesstk.ca and more!
  95. Dr. A.C. Daniels Co. Ltd. wins dispute for bagbalm.ca
  96. Asos Canada Services Limited loses dispute for asos.ca
  97. Chico's Brands Investments, Inc. wins dispute for whitehouseblackmarket.ca
  98. ArcelorMittal SA wins dispute for arcelormittal.ca
  99. Chico’s Brands Investments, Inc. loses dispute for chicos.ca
  100. Intact Financial Corp wins dispute for greypower.ca
  101. 2757-‐5168 Québec Inc. wins dispute for cuisinesaction.ca
  102. Canadian Tire wins UDRP dispute for canadiantireblackfriday.com
  103. ESET, spol. s.r.o. wins dispute for eset.ca
  104. L’Oréal SA & L’Oréal Canada Inc. wins dispute for myloreal.ca
  105. Italian bank wins dispute for intesa.ca
  106. The Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Limited wins dispute for calgarystampede.ca
  107. Swarovski wins dispute for swarovskishop.ca
  108. General Motors wins dispute for buickcertifiedservice.ca and others
  109. Visionary Motorsports loses dispute for clevelandcyclewerks.ca
  110. William Ko loses dispute for fraser.ca
  111. Oakley Inc. wins disputes for oakley sunglasses domains
  112. Vanguard Trademark Holdings wins dispute for alamocars.ca and more!
  113. Design First Kitchen & Bath Interiors Inc. loses dispute for designfirst.ca
  114. Empire Theatres Limited wins dispute for empiretheatres.ca
  115. Urban Legal Recruitment Limited wins dispute for urbanlegal.ca
  116. Americana International Ltd. wins dispute for benchclothing.ca
  117. American Girl, LLC wins dispute for americangirl.ca
  118. Prairie Plant Systems Inc. wins dispute for cana-med.ca
  119. Carey International, Inc. wins dispute for careymontreal.ca
  120. Electronic Products Recycling Association wins dispute for arpe.ca
  121. StudentUniverse.com wins dispute for studentuniverse.ca
  122. Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. wins dispute for intertekoil.ca
  123. Party City Corporation wins dispute for party-city.ca and partycitycanada.ca
  124. Amscan Holdings, Inc. wins dispute for halloweencity.ca
  125. .CA Domain Names Held To Be Personal Property
  126. Vanguard Trademark Holdings wins dispute for alamocar.ca
  127. American Express wins dispute for amextravel.ca
  128. American express wins dispute versus Daniel Mullen for americanexpresscreditcards.ca
  129. Donald Trump Awarded Damages
  130. M.F.H. Fejleszta Korlatolt Felelossegil Tarsasag wins dispute for intimissimi.ca
  131. Ashley Madison adultery website countersues ex-employee
  132. Greybrook Capital wins dispute for greybrook.ca
  133. Wallace Thompson wins dispute for wallythompson.ca
  134. Giulia F. Ahmadi wins dispute for giuliaahmadi.ca
  135. Guitar Center, lnc wins dispute for guitarcentre.ca and laguitarcentre.ca
  136. DocuSign, Inc. wins dispute for docusign.ca
  137. Canadian Employers Council wins dispute for cec-cca.ca
  138. Tucows.com wins dispute for tucowsreseller.ca
  139. Novozymes A/S wins dispute for novozymes.ca
  140. Société des Produits Marnier Lapostolle wins dispute for grandmarnier.ca
  141. The Deck Store Inc. wins dispute for thedeckstoreinc.ca
  142. The Deck Store Inc. loses dispute for thedeckstore.ca
  143. VKR Holding A/S wins dispute for veluxcalgary.ca
  144. Victoria's Secret Stores Brand Management, Inc wins dispute for victoriassecret.ca
  145. Agros Trading Confectionery wins dispute for sesamesnaps.ca
  146. Marshall Ventilated Mattress Company Limited wins dispute for marshallmattress.ca
  147. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia v. Stainton Ventures Ltd., 2014 BCCA 296
  148. Driving Alternative Inc v. Keyz Thankz Inc., 2014 FC 559
  149. Dixie Consumer Products LLC wins dispute for dixie.ca
  150. Amazon.com, lnc. wins dispute for amazonfirephone.ca
  151. Musée Grévin wins dispute for grevin.ca from Sam Gontier
  152. Ontario Universities’ Application Centre loses dispute for ontariouniversities.ca
  153. Ontario Universities’ Application Centre wins disputes for pirelli-tire.ca and more!
  154. Asurion, LLC wins dispute for asurion.ca.
  155. The Toronto-Dominion Bank wins dispute for tdmobilebanking.ca.
  156. A breakdown of CIRA disputes by year
  157. ICE IP S.A loses dispute for ice-watch.ca.
  158. Daniel Mullen loses dispute for optrex.ca.
  159. Metalor Technologies wins dispute for metalor.ca
  160. Moncler S.p.A. wins dispute for moncler.ca
  161. Scouts Canada loses dispute against Liam Morland for scoutscanada.ca
  162. Meguiar’s, Inc. wins dispute for meguiars.ca
  163. Urban Sawing & Scanning Co. Ltd. wins dispute for urbansawing.ca
  164. KEEN, Inc.; wins dispute for keencanada.ca
  165. Fluor Corporation wins dispute for fluorgroup.ca
  166. Citizens of Humanity, Lt.C wins dispute for citizensofhumanity.ca
  167. Thule Sweden AB wins dispute for thule.ca
  168. 2193165 Ontario Ltd wins dispute for business.ca
  169. Canadian Standards Association loses dispute for restorecsa.ca
  170. Riu Hotels, S.A wins dispute for riu.ca
  171. Real Food for Real Kids Inc. wins dispute for rfrk.ca and others
  172. Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA, LLC wins dispute for nationalcarhire.ca
  173. Tyco Fire & Security GmbH wins dispute for sensormatic.ca
  174. Tyco Fire & Security wins dispute for sensormatic.ca
  175. 2956021 Canada Inc., trading as Starbeam Systems wins dispute for starbeamsystems.ca
  176. The Funding Portal Inc. wins dispute for thefundingportal.ca
  177. Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH wins dispute for glashuette-original.ca
  178. Zevia LLC wins dispute for zevia.ca
  179. Dell Inc. wins disputes for delldeals.ca and dellbusiness.ca
  180. uBreakiFix Co wins dispute for ubreakifix.ca
  181. 499813 Alberta ltd. O/A Albera Honda wins dispute for albertahonda.ca
  182. GNLV, Corp. wins dispute for goldennuggetcasino.ca
  183. CloudFlare, Inc. loses dispute for cloudflare.ca
  184. Papa John's International, Inc. wins dispute for papajohns.ca
  185. The Corporation of Scouts Canada wins dispute for scoutscanada.ca
  186. WordPress Foundation wins dispute for wordpress.ca
  187. S. Tous, S.L loses dispute for tous.ca
  188. Fluor Corporation wins dispute for fluorcorporation.ca
  189. Behr Process Corporation wins dispute for behr.ca
  190. Brock Beauty Inc. wins dispute for hairfinity.ca
  191. Carey International, Inc wins dispute for montrealcareylimo.ca
  192. Kijiji International Limited wins dispute for TM domains
  193. Magna lnternational lnc wins dispute for magnacanada.ca
  194. OMH, Inc. wins dispute for creativeartistsagency.ca
  195. Mobile Mini, Inc loses dispute for MOBILEMINI.CA
  196. Live at Squamish Limited Partnership wins dispute for squamishvalleymusicfestival.ca
  197. Enterprise Holdings, Inc wins dispute for enterpise.ca
  198. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company wins dispute for manulifedenial.ca
  199. Mahée Parfums Inc wins dispute for mahee.ca
  200. HSBC Group Management wins dispute for hsbcdirect.ca
  201. Ford motor company of Canada wins dispute for downtownford.ca and familypricing.ca
  202. Google Inc. wins dispute for gmailsupport.ca and others.
  203. Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd wins dispute for fordparts.ca
  204. Fluor Corporation loses dispute for ameco.ca
  205. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited loses dispute for cathaydragon.ca
  206. Indeed, Inc. and Indeed Canada Corp. wins dispute for Lndeed.ca
  207. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company loses dispute for MANULIFE-DENIAL.CA
  208. Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin wins dispute for cheapmichelintires.ca