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05-13-2011, 01:01 PM
The Atlantic Cancer Research Institute has come up with a new way to link families dealing with cancer, using social media.

It has launched a website to help people connect and to support local cancer research.
Pam Bowman is a cancer survivor, but she lost her husband to the disease.
Now she's involved in fundraising and she's joined the social network site called familyquest.ca (http://www.familyquest.ca).

'I wish there had been something like this 15 years ago when I was diagnosed.'—Pam Bowman, cancer survivor"I wish there had been something like this 15 years ago when I was diagnosed. I, at the time, was not aware of anyone who had survived breast cancer," said Bowman.
Bowman said she posts information about her dragon boat team on the site and draws support from others dealing with cancer.

Françoise Roy, executive director of the institute, said it's free to join, and there are different ways to participate on the site.

"So for example, you can create a cause for a loved one who may have been touched by cancer, and it may be an inspirational cause, celebrating survivorship, or it could be one for someone who has passed away and you want to leave a memorial, where people can come together and leave a message in remembrance of that person," said Roy.

People can also upload videos and photos, and donate to the institute, she said.

"When you're diagnosed with cancer, support is extraordinarily important and whether it's been you that's been touched by it, or a family member, support is important for everyone who's touched by it and that's why we're creating it for families," said Roy.

The site is also a good way to remind people that ground-breaking research is happening in their own backyard, she added.