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03-05-2011, 12:16 PM
A new unfiltered website by a Western student that’s cheeky and gossipy as well as serious and even a bit muckraking is getting students’ attention.

In a little more than a month, rewd.ca has had 7,500 page views and it’s growing, with 1,500 views coming in the last three days.

The website was created by Ryan Durgy, a first-year sociology and psychology student who wanted to connect with others on campus. He also likes to be in the know about what’s happening around him.

“I definitely see this site becoming a top news outlet for Western. This isn’t only my website; this is everyone’s website.”

Durgy, a Toronto native, was encouraged to start a website by the feedback he was getting on his Twitter account.

“I would write about stuff going on around campus. People would read them and they’d laugh and they’d re-tweet them and reply to me. It was pretty awesome. One of my followers was like, ‘You should just get a blog.’ ”

He talked to his parents about the idea of a website and they were keen — his mother even registered the domain name for it. Durgy suspects they saw it as a good way to keep an eye on him, though.

Durgy is enjoying the connections he and others are making. “It’s pretty amazing. It’s definitely enhanced my university experience. The website helps me become more than just a number.”

He welcomes all contributors, whether they want to rant, rave, review, offer up rumours or seek advice.

He said the most controversial item (and most viewed) was about a professor — he won’t name names — who is said to invite teaching assistants to her home for drink with her but who would go overboard with her own drinking.

Durgy said while this kind of information is important to let students know what is happening, he isn’t out to ruin anyone’s reputation or career or Western’s image.
“I got a tip recently that I decided not to post that could definitely do some damage.”
Perez Hilton he is not. but Durgy said the website, with its purple brick background, can be a bit, well, rude, pushing boundaries and crossing lines.

There’s a rauchy review of the latest Jersey Shore episode, a tongue-in-cheek piece based on a tip from “sources” about a new course for those who want to be “Swaggerific like Justin Bieber” and a rant about the service on VIA Rail, which contacted Durgy to try to make things right.

But he really wants rewd.ca to help his fellow students — he calls his readers “rewders” — get information they want and need and also have some fun.

“It will give them that outlet where they can submit and be updated on stuff.”
Durgy said he would only consider advertisements if they help students.

“The minute you start getting advertising in there, it can really bring down credibility. This is something I’m doing for fun and not for money.”