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06-13-2012, 09:26 PM
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 12, 2012) -

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More than a dozen seniors living in poverty had their needs fulfilled in a matter of hours, thanks to a new website and on line registry online registry at seniorsinneed.ca. A website & registry that links impoverished seniors with caring Canadians who want to help. It is the only charitable endeavour of its kind to focus solely on seniors in need across Canada.

The site launched earlier this month has fulfilled almost 90% of requests submitted by non-profit and community organizations. The needs were basic:
A twin bed for a man suffering from mental illness who had been sleeping on the floor
Help with grocery shopping for a visually impaired senior. Dozens of requests were received to help.
A hearing aide to help a 74-year-old woman.
$5.50 for meals on wheels to help a woman unable to afford the service.

Non-profits from across the country register at seniorsinneed.ca, as sponsors. The agencies can then submit the senior's situation and how a donor can help.

One of the newest sponsors, the Seniors Assisted Transportation Society of Greater Edmonton (SATS) is looking to help a woman who needs $24 to cover the annual cost of a membership in the driving angels program so she can safely go to the bank and shop for groceries.

One of the first not for profits to register, the Downsview Services for Seniors in North York/Toronto is urging other agencies to register. "We posted five different profiles on the website and the next day my inbox was filled with people who wanted to give," Says Connie Shea-Fox, Resource Development and Communications Manager

"The need is huge and the response from donors is phenomenal. So we know it's working," says Peter Cook, founder of seniorsinneed.ca who funded the registry. "But we still need more non- profits and community associations to register and post requests. We know we can help many more seniors who are in desperate need, and help them quickly."

About Seniors In Need

Seniors In Need is an online website and registry that links impoverished Canadian seniors with concerned donors who want to help. All donations are made directly through sponsoring organizations. Donating is as easy as providing groceries, medical equipment or even funds for prescriptions to a local senior who needs your help. (http://www.seniorsinneed.ca.)