View Full Version : Ratemygovernment.ca - new website to rate politicians

01-01-2013, 10:33 AM
I just came across this website ratemygovernment.ca (http://www.ratemygovernment.ca).

Here is an article that was posted about it :

Ratemygovernment.ca asks citizens to rate their politicians

By Christopher Walsh

A new website aims to take politicians where professors have been taken before: back to the classroom for a passing or failing grade from the people they serve.

Ratemygovernment.ca allows users to rate their local, provincial and federal politicians on categories ranging from delivery of campaign promises to overall effectiveness of leadership.

Ryan Klamot, co-founder of Ratemygovernment.ca, says he hopes the site will encourage Canadians from all walks of life to get involved in politics and hold their elected officials to account.