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This forum is a privilege to those who wish to discuss .ca domains. The membership is 100‎‎‎% free although if rules are not followed your membership could be revoked.

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1. Free membership does not mean you are capable of doing anything you want. Therefore if we feel that you are not respecting other members, spamming the forum you will be warned and possibly banned.

2. Respect is a top priority here at dnc.ca - We ask you to respect all Admins, Moderators and most of all other members on the forum.

3. You do not need to be Canadian to join this forum. We simply just like to discuss .ca's. Therefore please respect all members, if there are any issues please work them out amongst yourselves before notifying management.

4. Please create threads in the correct section. If you want offers for your domains Please post in the make offer section. If you have a fixed price please keep it in the fixed price forum. For no reason should you post the same topic in multiple forums. Not following these guidelines may cause your thread to be deleted and suspensions to be issued.

5. Make offer section - We ask that all offers be posted in the thread, rather than sent by email/phone etc. Although this rule is not firm, it will benefit you as a seller to have registered users post their offers publicly.

6. In Make offer or fixed threads please be aware that after 7 days it is best to just create a new thread. Constant bumping of an existing thread is not necessary. Management has the right to close any thread at any point in time. If you are at any point abusing the system you will be notified and possibly warned.

7. You may only post a maximum of THREE threads for sale during a 24 hour period.

8. You may only have 3 lines in your signature and a maximum of 3 links.

9. No advertising unless it is in your signature or you are a sponsor.

10. No comments in Sales threads. Valid questions only.

11. There will be no bumping of sales threads. Only one BUMP per 24 hour period.

12. ALL DOMAINS MUST LIST DOMAIN NAME IN TITLE. NO SPACING. Adult section has exception where names in titles are not an obligation. We allow these conditions below : dnc(.)ca for sale, dncdotca for sale and dnc.ca. Nothing else will be tolerated.

13. You must not appraise and list names for sale at the same time. If this happens either your appraisal or sale thread will be closed. You also may not list domains for appraisals that you do not own.

14. At no time whatsoever are you allowed to discuss other domain forums.

15. There will never be no username changes. No exceptions. This is to protect other members of the forum.

16. If you post traffic domains you must post stats. If you are not posting stats please do not list them as traffic domains. Everyone must take caution in this section.

17. You may not post any content that members would find questionable. This is our judgement call. These posts may be deleted.

18. You may not violate anyone's privacy.

19. If you start a thread and you make mistake in the title. You must contact a mod/admin immediately to have the thread changed/closed.

20. If you buy or sell a TM domain make sure you understand you are liable for any consequences. We do not monitor TM's, that is up to the buyer/seller.

21. We do not accept fundraising or soliciting on the website. That includes on the forum and by PM. This is simply for the security of members.

22. We do not get involved with transactions between buyers and sellers.

23. All posts made by members of dnc.ca do not reflect those of the forum.

24. Threads will not be deleted. Please do not ask. All threads created by you are your responsibility.

25. Accounts will not be deleted. If you are banned, or if you wish to leave the forum your account will stay.


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