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    Best 10 Canadian Web Hosts - 2016

    According to Reviews, here are the top 10 Canadian Web hosts.

    1. HostGator
    2. Sibername
    3. NameCheap
    4. JustHost
    5. Netfirms
    6. FatCow
    7. GoDaddy
    8. Greengeeks
    9. Hostpapa
    10. BlueHost
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    I use Greengeeks / Blue Host and Webserve. the only host that has never let me down or had usage issues is Blue host.

    Green geeks has limited support, and none of my sites have been running optimally, in the year that i have been with them ( despite multiple++ communications with support).

    Webserve don't bother, no support on weekends and live support is extremely limited on what they can handle. Not very helpful when you do get ahold of support.

    these are just my experiences, Looking for other options, have tried hostgator, I didn't have any issues and support was great, the reason I'm not still with them is at the end of your term the prices go up significantly and they will not dicker on the price.

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