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    Thumbs up .ca Registrar Review - Canspace, Uniregistry, GoDaddy

    So I have 170 domain sitting at canspace.ca and opened up a second domain company and I am using godaddy for that one 220 domains so far. I am opening a third because I have some high ticket 4 letter & single word .coms.

    I have been very busy and have now spent a fortune on buying up domains. At the same time I have had a number of incredible sales.

    The problem I have is with my .ca domains.

    1. canspace has great pricing but the bulk tools are ok at best. The whois update is useless, you cannot bulk update without getting errors. $9.75 CAD registration is a great deal though.

    2. Godaddy has the tools but everything locks for verification when I update a domain. I have to wait until I can make any more changes on the domain. $2.99 registration is a farce because you have to buy year 2 at $19.99 but at least pricing is in CAD. (they are my choice so far)

    3. Hover.com has the best bulk tools and support I have ever seen. My support calls are answered by an end agent in four rings with no automated reception. I rate that as high as it gets, but they price .ca's (and all domains) in US dollars. Again a farce because they are located in Toronto.

    4. Uniregistry has incredible bulk tools, great market system and I have a dedicated broker who is currently brokering sweet purchases for me as well as what will probably be a huge .com sale. They have offered to make me a special deal because I have so many domains, basically $9.88 for .ca and $8.91 for .com but still in US funds which sucks.

    So I am still challenged to find a Canadian Registrar who charges a decent price in CAD with extra ordinary bulk tools. My must have bulk tool is forward to another domain in bulk. Editing zone files on hundreds of domains does not cut it anymore.

    PS. Hosting and support is excellent at canspace but they are in desperate need for whois and bulk tools. Something as simple as a domain forward requires you to add a zone file, save it, and add a forwarding address. I can buy up to 70 domains at a time and this gets tiring very fast.
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    Last thing to add, I have 3 separate domain businesses now, it would be sweet if someone had a way to link 3 accounts for a complete overview. I need them separate because one is going to a holding company, one is my canadian business account and one is for my personal domains.

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    Hey MapleOne

    I have the same deal with Uniregistry, and you can put all your domains in there system even if they are held at other registrars, it will keep you up to date with expirations etc, all there prices are in USD. I have not had much success with their brokerage. 20+ inquires and no sales ( might just be the quality of the inquiries)

    I also use Hexonet (Patrick in Vancouver ) prices for .ca's are around $9.70 for renewals too, Rebel is great to get you in the door but renewals are to high and supporst is slow to return messages.

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    Thanks Dan

    How are their bulk tools, I'm finding that primary in my decision process right now.

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