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    Feb 2014

    Up.ca sold $5,450 on SEDO 3/29/17

    Just found this sale on DN journal, seem pretty low for a two letter word..? and it is the only .ca sale in the top 100 cctld sales.

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    Wow yeah really low. It's a super domain, so brand able. They couldn't get High.ca so they went with Up.ca weed site.

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    lots of desperate people out there that are willing to sell below value...it's not like you can sell your domain any day of the week.
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    .CA is a much less liquid market, so .ca prices can be pretty subjective. It comes down to who really wants the domain (or the sale) the most and obviously there are many unknown factors influencing both sides. No doubt the buyer was pretty happy in this situation. But obviously the seller was happy enough to make the sale too. Otherwise you could easily sit on a domain like that for a lifetime and never sell it for big money.

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    Wow...great name at a great price
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    I offered 25k for red.ca and did not get it.

    I offered 15k for now.ca and did not get it.

    I offered 5k for mnm.ca and got it.

    I would not have paid more than 5k for up.ca because I would not have had a use for it.

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