These are the rules for the Traffic Names forum.

1. Please put the DOMAIN in title. Example: dncdotca,, dnc(.)ca - No Spaces.

2. No comments unless you are asking a valid question. This rule is meant as respect to the thread starter.

3. If you plan on selling your domain based on traffic you must be able to PROVE your traffic and/or revenue. Any members purchasing domains based on traffic must be highly cautious as revenue/traffic may change at any time.

4. One bump per 24 hour period. Maximum of THREE times. You can always start a new thread if you plan on bumping more than three times.

5. Please state whether you want Offers or if you have Fixed price in mind. Please consider that you may receive many questions in regards to Traffic in this section, be prepared to answer if you list here.

6. This section is for non .ca domains.