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    newbie question on ethics and legal

    hello there

    i recently registered a few dns, a few of which i think are pretty attractive. but before i begin to market them, i have a few questions...

    one of the names i registered is LLLLLLcanadian.ca after the fact i realized there was the exact same domain "LLLLLLcanadian.com that is already a functioning and profitable web site.

    1. does this fall under the cyber squatting rules/laws?

    2. is there legal recourse to registering a domain name that is already in use, but under another cc?

    3. if it turns out to be fair play, what is the best option(s) as far as appreciating the value of the domain?

    thanks for the advice...

    in good faith, and with out prejudice


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    also i see a lot of domainers who register a domain, then make a very simple (for lack of a better word) "place holder/for sale sign" website which relates to the domain name.

    is this the most similar option to selling real estate privately?

    what are the best resources to use, regarding learning the necessitites and tools for building a functioning webbsite?

    is having a working knowledge of html mandatory?

    once again, thanks

    in good faith, and with out prejudice


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    Hello Derek,

    Wecome to DNC.ca!

    To answer your first question it really depends on whether the domain is a TM - Common or Registered.

    For example if the domain is CanadianTire.com and you own CanadianTire.ca you would be cybersquatting as that is a well known and established brand. It really depends on the domain and if the first word is a generic term.

    See this link for a CanadianTire dispute through CDRP.

    If they own a TM, their are several repercussions if the TM holder wants to get that domain. They can go through CDRP or they can sue you for the domain.

    If the domain you own is fair game, then you can develop the domain. Keep in mind sometimes a domain is fair play but depending on how you develop and its use you may be infringing on someone else's brand.

    There are many different ways people choose to sell their domains. The most common is through a forum such as DNC.ca or through inquiries they receive privately. Most who develop domains do have some knowledge of HTML, but this is not necessary as there are a lot of companies that you can use to develop a website.

    Most of the sites that you see with placeholders that show for sale are not developed domains but parked. You can do this for example through voodoo.com, where they will put advertising links and a for sale sign if that's what you choose.

    Do not hesitate to ask more questions and you can find a lot more info in Beginners section when browsing.
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